Parable of the Madmen Sean Penn & Mel Gibson


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Parable of the Madmen Sean Penn & Mel Gibson

This is the show from Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016


Thankfully, years ago the Soviet Union fell apart. But not before those “well-meaning” socialists had murdered 20 million of their own people in their goal of building a utopia on Earth. That’s what the Soviets did. They murdered 20 million of their own people.

And you know what was interesting back then? The culture (meaning the media, the intelligentsia, higher education - the professors) - they hated the anti-communists in America. If you were an outspoken anti-communist, they hated you with a passion. They did not hate the Soviet Union. They hated the anti-communists.

And that is a perfect parallel for today. Because today, the left (the media, the university professors) - they do not hate the Islamic extremists. They hate those who want to stop Islamic extremism. They hate those even who will identify Islamic extremism and even call it Islamic extremism or Islamic terrorism. They hate you. They don’t hate them.


Bob Enyart talks about the upcoming film, delayed 20 years, Professor and Madman, and turns this minor entertainment news report into a 21st century parable.