Overshadow Thee:


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Luke 1:35 KJV – “The (( “POWER” of the Highest )) shall overshadow thee: ( Therefore ) also that Holy Thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the ( Son of God )”. ---&--- Romans 1:16 KJV – “I am not ashamed of the ( Gospel ) of Christ: for it is “THE” ( “POWER” of God ) unto Salvation”. ----

There is but ONE Power of God, and it is the ( Beginning ) of ALL things in Heaven and Earth. The Gospel is the Fires of Hell, - AND the Love of Paradise. – You say NO??!! – Well, - Revelation 19:15 KJV – “Out of his ( Mouth ) goeth a ( Sharp Sword )”. ---&--- Daniel 7:10 KJV – “A Fiery Stream ) ( Issued and came forth ) from before Him”. ---&--- Hebrews 1:7 KJV – “His Ministers a Flame of Fire”. --------///--- The Fire of God is the Judgment, and that is the Gospel of Christ, the Seed, of All Truth, the Great Barrier between Good, and Evil. – The Word of God / the Gospel, the “Enmity” between Israel the Wife of the Father ( The Woman ), and Satan; -- “AND” between Jesus’ Wife the Church the Body of Christ, AND the Place Prepared for the devil and his angels!!

The “Gospel” is ALL in ALL from the beginning, - the SEED of all things, - the (( SEED / the GOSPEL that was planted and grew the “TREE OF LIFE” )). – The Tree of Life yielding fruit, whose SEED was in itself, after (( HIS )) kind”. -----

Paul – 122412