OK, all you ol' time homeschoolers.....


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What advice would you give a new family considering homeschooling.


Well, I'm fortunate enough to live in a state where the laws concerning homeschooling are very lenient. Probably the most lenient in the country so I would check your laws out first.

I would also tell them to try not to stress over it and enjoy it. Besides the time you make to sit with your kids one on one, make every minute of the day, where you find opportunity, for example grocery shopping, a learning experience.

Look for Homeschool groups and co-ops in your area that you can be a part of.

And there are tons and tons of resources online. Khan academy being just one of the best and it's free. link

Look for places in your area that sells used curriculum. We have two great places here in our town. And you can find some really cheap used curriculum online. I go to Amazon to find a lot of my stuff.

Ok... so who has anything to add?