Nineveh's SPOTD 10-29-03

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Originally posted by ebenz47037
I didn't see where he said that. You said that homosexuals can bear fruits of the spirit. He's asking if a murderer or a pedophile can bear fruit, in your opinion.

My question:

If a murderer or a pedophile cannot bear fruit of the spirit, how can a homosexual bear the fruit of the spirit (since all three acts are sins)?

Originally posted by LightSon
Excellent question Nori.

"Fruits of the Spirit" is a misnomer. Check the text. "fruit" is singular. (Gal 5:22 and Eph 5:9)

We do not get to cherry pick our behavior and call it the fruit of the Spirit. When the Spirit is in control, the Spirit brings forth His fruit in our lives, not love with a little blashphemy thrown in, and not peace with a little gay sex.

If we are not truly being led of the Spirit, any "fruit" you might otherwise see is false.

As a Christian, you are being Spirit led, or have fallen back to being controlled by your flesh. Check a few verses back (Gal 5:19-21) to see a list of the works of the flesh. Homosexuality is a work of the flesh, not part of the Spirit's fruit.



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LOL! I had to pick another one though. So, I have the first one I saw and the second one I saw.
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