My Problem with Sermons


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I prefer expository preaching, to singing.

I prefer discussion to blank lecture, or even great public speaking.
Especially if the topic is one about which I have questions, concerns, or thoughts.

So...everything ever.

But I'm also a musician, so I'd value corporate worship even if it didn't also bring us into a communal experience of God's presence and help us more fully embrace coming together as a spiritual family.

The best sermons I've ever heard were short and centered around a single, practical point.

The worst have been politically motivated, and the second-worst have focused on some esoteric theological points which only seminary students would/could devote more than a few brain cells to.

Jamie Gigliotti

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We can let the self, and us listening to everything in our head drown out any possible chance God wants to use the sermon to speak directly to us. Which may be, run and find sound preaching. The point for us is listening...