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Get used to it.
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Like @Rusha they're getting their talking points from others, "influencers" on social media, talking heads on the MSM
:unsure: That term always amuses me...I can't figure out which aspect amuses me more:

:sneaky: The fact that these people are of the impression that they "influence" anyone (besides those with the IQ of farm animals), or the fact that such "influenced" people actually pay attention to them.

Universe 25 continues to progress in our time.

ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond
[T]he only way for [whites] to participate in antiracism is for them to agree with it utterly and feel neverending shame for having been born white. They have to accept that they are a symbol of the oppressive system, a symbol of “whiteness,” and are thus inherent supporters of the structurally racist status quo. …

[W]hite women – are not allowed to “fix” the problem of their own whiteness. They simply must live in it and stew in their own guilt over being born the wrong race.