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Abraham wasn't a Jew, dodge.

The 12 tribes were not descendants of Abraham ?

Yes, the twelve tribes were Jews, as they all sprang from Jacob.

The term 'Jew' comes from the tribe of Judah.
Before the divided Kingdom Israelites were called by the names of their various tribes or families.
When the southern Kingdom was taken into Babylon, the term 'Jew' begins to appear in Scripture connected with the tribe to which the land surrounding Jerusalem was allotted to under Joshua. The first uses of the term 'Jew' are in Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah. By the time of Christ, the term 'Jew' came to apply to all of those related to the land and tribes of Israel.
Therefore it's technically an error to call Abraham, Isaac or Jacob by the term 'Jew'. One can only do that retroactively which is technically illegitimate. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were 'Hebrews'.
Only after GOD changed Jacob's name to Israel could his descendants be called Israelites.
One could legitimately call all the descendants of Abraham 'Hebrews'.


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Nope; his is the same sending from Acts 9 all the way to his last Epistle just before his martyrdom.

Eph. 2 is Rom. 3. and vice versa.
"Now I send thee" (Acts 26:17 KJV) is different than "I will send thee" (Acts 22:21 KJV) just like "these things" and "those things" (Acts 26:16 KJV). To say it is all the same sending denies that the Lord would appear to Paul to give him "those things" and it leaves Gentiles such as we without hope (2 Corinthians 12:1-4 KJV, Ephesians 2:11-12 KJV) as the salvation that was sent from Paul's Acts ministry was to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Acts 13:16 KJV, Acts 13:26 KJV)!