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Objectivist said:
Reading this makes me think so much of a book I read once on moral relativity. The thing of it is, relative morality only works if you abide by relative morality. The whole gimmick for moral relativity is, "It may be wrong for you, but not wrong for me." Well let's explore this. Let's say for the moment that you're right; that every person has the individual right to decide what is and is not right, even whether murder or thievery is right or wrong, according to his own conscience.

Wel then, I choose to exercise that right and impose MY way of thinking on you. What's that? Oppressing people and forcing your way on them is wrong? Says who? Says your version of morality? Hold on there now; I thought we agreed that morality was relative. What's right for me might not be right for you, right? Well, in MY version of morality, YOU have no right to object to MY version of morality. That's the kind of argument that comes up when you preach moral relativity. That's why absolute morality makes sense and relative morality doesn't.
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