Liberals win: America to become Communist/Socialist

The Barbarian

Capitalism has been very popular in the United States for a simple reason; it was profitable. Not just to businessmen, but to everyone. So long as it kept reducing income disparities, and making each generation better off than the last, it enjoyed great support. Now, for whatever reasons, it's failing to do that. And public support is falling as a result.

Go figure. The answer isn't a clever ad campaign to make us like that failure. The answer is to do whatever it takes to return American capitalism to the way it was a couple of generations ago. Or eventually, people will get fed up and abandon it.

Short of military coup by the few who are doing better than almost everyone else, those are the choices.
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Di Martino is from Venezuela. I seriously doubt that Millennials/Gen Z admire the socialism of Maduro all that much. If they do, they are woefully uninformed. I suspect that it is more the democratic socialism of Nordic countries that they support.

You are correct, they are misinformed. On the latter, they are supporting not 'Democratic socialism' but socialism, even liking Marx and Lenin as historical figures. We need to be vigilant in current events. Our children don't know the truth of those unlearned of the past, doomed to repeating it. They are not just uninformed, they are misinformed by agenda and bias.