Leftwing Politician Harassing Women in Street



My teen girls were filmed, harassed by a lawmaker for praying outside Planned Parenthood



.....We were praying a rosary at the corner of the Planned Parenthood property line when a man approached us, yelling angrily at me and at the teenage girls with me. I found out later this man was a state representative of Pennsylvania — Brian Sims.

I stepped in front of him and asked him to speak only to me and said we were not interested any altercations. A few minutes later, as we were packing up to leave, Sims again approached us.

This time, he took things a step further, and was filming us with his phone. Pointing his phone directly at my girls and their friend, he asked for his viewers to expose the identities of the girls in exchange for a donation that he would make to Planned Parenthood.

To be absolutely clear: Sims not only aggressively verbally accosted three minors, he also attempted to doxx them by offering a financial donation in exchange for their personal information. His actions were reprehensible and entirely unbecoming of any adult male, let alone an elected official



It's ALL lies the come from the press....haven't you heard? This guy caved to the published lies because of political pressure. :plain:



Mom of Teens Brian Sims Harassed Files Criminal Complaint, Wants Him to Apologize to Her Daughters


The mother of teenage girls who Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims offered money to identify earlier this spring said she filed a police report against the Democratic politician.

Ashley Garecht told CBS Philadelphia that Sims’ aggressive behavior had her concerned for her daughters’ and their friend’s safety. The girls are ages 13 and 15.

“Absent the pro-life issue, this was about an adult interacting with minors in an aggressive manner and an adult infringing on minors’ speech,” she told the news station. “I don’t need an apology from him. I’m an adult. I’ve already forgiven him.”

She said she would like Sims to apologize to her daughters and their friend.

Last week, Sims posted a video of himself berating a pro-life sidewalk counselor in Philadelphia. A second video that he posted earlier in April showed him offering $100 for the identities of three pro-life teenage girls who were praying peacefully outside the abortion facility with Garecht.

His requests suggest that the state representative may have been trying to intimidate the 13- and 15-year-old girls through doxxing, a practice where a person’s name and contact information are posted publicly online usually to encourage harassment.

Garecht said she did not realize that Sims was a state representative until earlier this week when the videos went viral........

The Horn

Sims did not attempt to " dox " them . This is what he actually said ( I saw the video ) .
Roughly: "How would you like it if I tried to publish your address and other personal information
on the internet ?" This is exactly what anti-abortion extremists have tried to do with doctors who perform abortions in order to make them vulnerable to murder .
Sims did nothing wrong .