Knight's POTD 12-29-2007

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Nathon Detroit

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This may be a first..... Flipper gets my POTD.
Those puffs you see in the video are from air compression as the top center of the building begins to collapse. The air has to escape somehow, so it blows out the windows. Air pressure concussion is very damaging, even to buildings that surround a collapsing building.

Explosive building demolitions typically don't look like that. You can usually see the explosions, which are typically staggered to bring down supports in a particular pattern which should ensure a steady and rolling collapse rather than a sudden implosion or topple.The charges are usually placed at the bottom of the building (for obvious reasons) or sometimes in the middle, but never at the top.

And if you can't see the explosions, you can definitely hear them. Watch these two videos and compare. The second one is brilliant in its technical excellence. Again, you cannot fail to see and hear the demolition charges.

Tower blocks, by the way, typically don't topple - they generally collapse downwards. It's fairly straightforward physics when you consider that they are built in a frame design. Chimney stacks topple, tower blocks usually don't or they 'topple in place' where the rate of tipping is matched by the collapse of the foundations making the final footprint little bigger than a straightforward implosion, unless someone has really screwed up the demolition.

Don't buy the conspiracy ****.
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