Kathy Barnette - an excellent candidate for US Senate


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America has been long besieged by self-described moralists who insist immorality and perversion is good, healthy, and a constitutional right. Ignoring all those foolish opinions, Kathy has told it like it is, the absolute truth. How refreshing.

In posts, and comments on her radio show, Barnette frequently condemned being gay and transgender.
"Two men sleeping together, two men holding hands, two men caressing, that is not normal," she said on her radio show in July 2015, when a Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for same-sex marriage.
On the same show, Barnette argued accepting same-sex marriage would lead to a "slippery slope" of accepting incest and pedophilia, in an episode that was deleted from her SoundCloud page after CNN's KFile reached out to the Barnette campaign for comment.
"If love is the litmus test, who are we to say, well, your love is legitimate love, same-sex couples, but your love, father and daughter, is not legitimate. Or your love, one man and three women, is not legitimate, or one older man and a 12-year-old child. If love is the litmus test, it becomes a very slippery slope. And that is where we, we find ourselves today."