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Kamakazi Lover

Flyday night an' I ain't got no geisha,
makin' transisters so I got some yen,
gimme some rice an' a bottle of saki,
chasin' them geishas takes a whole lotta zen.

Out on the streets now - lookin' for action,
wigglin' rear in a mini-kimona,
puttin' the moves on anythin' sexy,
Tokyo neon is a firey zone-ah.
(ole Japanese rhyme trick, there)

Into a bar full of Melican sailors,
drunk on their butts from rum an' whiskey,
tryin' to be the mister rude dude,
Melican sailors look alike to me.

Over in the corner -- geishas waitin',
my eyes light up an' I'm struttin' my stuff,
"The night is young an' you're so gorgeous",
she musta knew karate -- knocked me on my duff.

Thought she was just a pretty girl,
a sweet little geisha -- fluffy flouncer,
flowers an' candy -- an easy date,
how was I to know that she was the bouncer?

Ichi ban tak san -- the life of a lover,
back to my pad an' get up early,
makin' more transisters an' do it all again,
for sure, next time, I'll be gettin' a girly.

Well, ya know, a guy has to dream ...