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Hmm. It seems to me Jujubee that you are overreacting. You're new here and still learning the ropes. This is a debate website where there is clash of ideas. Mr. 5020 said you quoted a heretical quote. He has every right to say that, and you have every right to defend it, or acknowledge that it was heresy. I hope you don't think that I (or Mr.5020 for that matter) don't like you. As I said you're still learning the ropes. Be prepared to defend your beliefs though.

Thanks :Jujubee:

(12210 Days, 42 Days, 3 Days, 150 Days)

12210 x 50 Jubilees = 610500
610500 / 365 = 1672.6

50th Jubilee of Genesis 18, in which Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire, is completed on 6/21/2016 at the completion of the "Three Days of Darkness". (By Proximity to the expression of Joseph the Blessing, most of Genetic Dan will become unresponsive, or erratic, or deadly, the result is not chemical or environmental, the result is spiritual/hyperdimensional. ... ... ... ... you don't have to tell them anything in order to get them to attack the Antichrist, and then become silenced according to what God wants done at the moment in small measure, now the public will be subject to the dirty secrets of mass murder the Antichrist, has alone been baring from this relationship in society, we need to keep watch).
Not open for further replies.