Isaiah 27:6-28:13 and "Who is the Holy Arm?"


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ISAIAH 27:6-28:13

” In the days to come, shall Jacob take root, Israel shall blossom and bud....” We see a fulfillment of this prophecy in that once taken from Egypt, and united and solidified as a “People” a “Nation”, this people/nation has grown and has spread out throughout the world

Though many nations have tried to “snuff out” Am Yisrael, they, in turn (those nations) have suffered punishment and defeat in trying to do just that. Can a mouse “snuff out” an elephant? Israel, upon being scattered throughout the nations, brought the belief in “ONE GOD” when the nations believed in “Multi-gods”

Through the Tribe of Y’hudah, came forth YHVH in the flesh, “Yeshua” who is “Yeshuah” (Salvation) to all those who believe on him who died to set men free from sin. In the Book of Isaiah, it reads: "The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations: and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God." (Isaiah 52:10) Yeshua/Jesus is Adonai's "Holy Arm" which before, was hidden in the symbolic forms of the animal sacrifices, all which pointed to HIM. He was revealed to "All Nations" through His disciples and messengers, pastors, rabbis, Torah teachers, evangelists, etc... And the whole earth "Has Seen" the "Yeshuah" (Salvation) of God.

MATT 22:1-23:39

Yeshua tells a parable about the “Kingdom of Heaven” being likened to a “marriage/wedding feast, and the king invites many to come, but they refuse and even kill the servants, then he sends an army to destroy those who rejected him and killed his servants and sent others to invite others to come. Many came, and the feast was given. Both good and bad came.

When we look at this in plain light, Yeshua is now preparing a “wedding feast” for those who have accepted his “invitation”. Many accept, even those who walk in evil ways, want to change their lives, so they come to the wedding feast, yet also, many reject. The offer still stands, Yeshua died on the cross to offer mankind “salvation” (Yeshuah) through his blood and full atonement of sins. Yet many still make fun of that and refuse the gift of salvation, to prefer the ways of the world.

Those who refuse, and die in their sins, will suffer eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire, While the offer was made, they refused, while others accepted. What will you do with the free gift of Salvation? Accept or reject?

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