Is there such a thing as absolute morality? - Battle Royale II - Knight vs. Zakath

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Nathon Detroit

Knight's 10th and final post!

Knight's 10th and final post!

A hill too big to climb!

So we have reached the end of Battle Royale II. I want to start by thanking Zakath for all his efforts in this debate. These debates take a good deal of time and a lot of work! Zakath has spent much time and effort in crafting his replies and that effort does not go unappreciated.

Zakath didn't struggle in this debate because he is not a good debater, and Zakath didn't struggle in this debate because he is not intelligent. Zakath is both, a good debater AND intelligent. Zakath struggled in this debate because his side of the debate is a losing argument!

After all, how do you try to convince the world that 6 million Jews being slaughtered is not absolutely wrong?

How do you try and convince the world that the racially motivated brutal murder of James Byrd was not absolutely wrong?

And how do you try to convince the world that the kidnapping, rape and murder of a 9 year old girl is not absolutely wrong?

You can't!

In fact Zakath himself couldn't even bring himself to admit these things!

Ultimately, if only one specific or non-specific action or behavior exists that is wrong under ANY circumstance, then absolute morality exists.

In the first round of this debate I asked Zakath....
Zakath, in your heart of hearts, deep in your gut and entrenched in your brain, do you honestly believe that there is NO action or behavior (none whatsoever!!!) that is wrong, EVEN if that action or behavior happens to be accepted by any given society, government or individual?
And he answered....
I'd like to answer his final question first with a simple *no; and further clarify it by saying that if I did not believe that some actions were wrong, I wouldn't be wasting my time debating this topic with him.
[* he actually answered "yes" but later admitted he meant "no".] Like it or not Zakath's answer undercut the very foundation of his argument. Zakath's answer was appealing to a standard that was certainly NOT relative to the individual, society or government.

If a shape has only 3 angles and only 3 sides, that shape is by definition a triangle. If a shape does not have 3 angles or does not have 3 sides by definition that shape IS NOT a triangle.

Murder is like a triangle! By definition murder is the taking of life in an unlawful, wrongful, malicious way. If the taking of life does not have this element of "wrongness" it is NOT murder.

Therefore if such a thing as murder exists, it must always be wrong.

The relativists only logically consistent argument is to argue that there is no such thing as murder.

As it turns out... it might be easier for the relativist to argue there is no such thing as a triangle.

I will close on a slightly different note....

It pretty clear that dragging a man behind a truck until his body is torn apart for no other reason than the perpetrators disliked the color of his skin is murder! It's wrong! Nothing could make those actions tied with that motivation right! Thankfully our reality, emotions, rationality were created by a righteous, just, loving and merciful God who in turn created us with the ability to determine that some things are right and some things are wrong! God, was also loving enough to allow us the TRUE ability to love one another and love Him. But with this ability comes ultimate responsibility. Sadly some use this ability to choose to ignore Him, His mercy, His righteousness and His love. Sadly some will use this ability to sear their conscience and deny what is so clearly true.
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! - Isaiah 5:20

Woe to Zakath!
Ultimately it is God's truth that flattens the relativist's non-compelling argument. But it is also God's truth that tells us that it is never too late for the unbeliever to turn from his wicked ways and choose God. I pray that Zakath softens his heart and sees the failure of the argument he has been fooled into accepting. I pray that Zakath turns to God, admits his sinful nature and asks God to forgive him. I pray that Zakath accepts what Christ did for Zakath and accepts Jesus into his heart. I also pray for Zakath's wife and children and I pray that someday they will spend eternity in heaven fellowshipping with one another in love. I pray this in Jesus name - Amen.


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That’s it! Battle Royale II is OVER!

I want to personally thank both Knight and Zakath for all their effort and time in this battle. It was a good one!
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