How safe are vaccines?


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You just admitted to what I have known for months, which is that you are a moron.

The vax does mitigate infection, which mitigates spreading

This is proven by the fact that most hospitalized and dead are unvaccinated

You utter and complete moron
You misinterpret data and draw stupid, false conclusions.

Gary K

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God loves those who love God but He hates those who hatefully reject Him and work all manner of wickedness against God and civilization.
Then why does the Bible call the destruction of sinners God's strange act?

Isaiah 28:16 ¶Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.
17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.
18 ¶And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.*n8
19 From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report.*n9
20 For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.
21 For the Lord shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.
22 Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord God of hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth.

I am really thankful God does not hate sinners. If he did the way I lived my life for a long time would have excluded me from ever knowing Him, His love, His forgiveness, and His power to save to the uttermost.

Malachi 3:5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.*n2
6 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.