How much did the Obama administration spend on aborted baby heads for research?


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Just over $500 each, but those purchases were mostly kept secret due to major American opposition to Abortion. Sadly, Kamala Harris filed 17 felony counts against David Daleidon for capturing Planned Parenthood officials on secret videos proving they engaged in negotiating the sale of aborted baby body parts, something that leftists claimed was a lie.

An April 1, 2013, “Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract” form that shows the FDA purchased fetal livers and thymuses from ABR going back to at least October 2012, billing $580 per liver/thymus set, but later paying a unit price of $685.

A January 1, 2013, “Fees for Services Schedule” provided by ABR to the FDA includes:

2nd trimester D&E [Dilation and Evacuation abortion] (13-24 weeks) per specimen $275
1st trimester aspiration [abortion] (8-12 weeks) per specimen $515
Intact Calvarium [baby’s skull] (8-24 weeks)” per specimen $515