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How did The Flood bake jellyfish into flints?


I've been aware of the mass of flints that can be found in chalk-limestone cliffs and deposits but never really thought about them as proof of The Flood until about three years ago.
I was watching a tv program about 18/19th century English farmers digging bellpits to get into chalk-lime deposits to spread the material on the land to 'sweeten' it by neutralising the buildup of acids etc from animal manures and dying vegetation. Bellpits are a small diameter shaft down to the mineral and then the bottom is opened out as far as possible before unsupported roof looks likely to collape so eventually it looks like a bell. Making a series of bellpits is actually most efficient way for small scale mining of chalk, lime, coal compared to opening a long trench and remains of bellpits can be seen in many parts of UK.
Anyway a woman in south east corner of Englkand suddenly had a sinkhole appear in her footpath. Local county historical officer went down and found it was old chalk bellpit.
What was interesting and immediately enlightening was that in the walls were several layers of flints about 2-3 feet apart as though laid down in a series of chalk, flints, chalk, flints etc.
These same layerings can be seen in the White Cliffs of Dover and the corresponding cliffs across the channel in France and anywhere around the world that extensive chalk-limestone deposits are found.
I asked the historical officer of the origins of the deposits and his reply was the old evolutionists garbage of 'great sea dried up over millions of years.' When I said that was ridiculous he sneered that he had been to university and knew Earth was ancient and the deposits really were millions of years old.
I say that flints are actually baked jelly fish that were quickly baked during The Flood to leave an impression and over time the impressions were filled with silicon to become the familiar flints.
My Bible says at Genesis 7:11 that 'the fountains were opened'. If we use geyser instead of fountain we can have hot water that will precipitate out masses of chalk-limestone to quickly bake the jellyfish and over a short time turn them into flints.
Does anyone want to know more or just sneer like most people do?