Hispanic Gal in Studio Talks Racism Among Hispanics


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Hispanic Gal in Studio Talks Racism Among Hispanics

This is the show from Wednesday, June 17th, 2020


Bob Enyart welcomes a new friend, young Hispanic woman Samantha, into the studio to discuss from her own observations a level of accepted racism among Mexican Americans and other Hispanics. Then, Bob airs the audio of the Bad Mother who during a chance parking lot encounter calls Bob a racist.

* Sad Story: From last summer here on BEL...


* Post-show Update: From Bob's comment at WorldNetDaily, Regarding today's filings, to get federal judge Emmet Sullivan to see the point, Gen. Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell could have presented him with a parallel: "Would you see the foul if the DOJ temporarily apponted a prosecutor as an appellate judge to dismiss the case in your stead?"