hi how are you?


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I am thread illiterate and it's taken me only about an hour to get here. :chuckle: so I'm eager to get started learning and sharing and learning some more...I am learning to read, write and speak Hebrew. It is very exciting and I see the word of God(YHVH) in a brand new light.
the word says for me to test my own faith and let me tell you, learning Hebrew does just that......
O.K. so far it seems that when I click on a talking happy face it comes up in words instead...is there a way to have the happy face without the words?
I am interested in just about anything that has to do with the times we are in...many of my friends are afraid, and do not understand my excitement, even some believers are uncertain.
I'm not good with introductions so as long as they are not too personal I don't have a problem with questions...thanks. So where do we start?