God Takes a Dump

Ted L Glines

New member
There was a video a few years back. It began with a shot of the Milky Way. Countless bright dots, big and small, in a spiral-swirled mass as might be seen by the Hubble if it were way far out in space. Way in the further distance, countless other dimmer dots gave the scope of the universe. As the video continues, the Hubble moves further and further away. The Milky Way becomes smaller and smaller amid the dots of the universe, and all of the dots begin to take a form of something. Finally, we see all of the dots of the universe in the form of a commode, and the Milky Way is the water ... flushing.

Whoever wrote the Book of Revelations, had no imagination at all. Come to think of it, the Book of Genesis obviously needs some work :angel: