God and Caring

Ted L Glines

New member
Who hates God? No one has expressed hatred toward God. For a Deist, God is All and respect is Total. If God cares about the welfare and feelings of you, personally, then so be it, but the Deist does not require God to do so. Some Deists may refer to God as "He" but many do not if they do not require God to be masculine (or feminine), for sex is a worldly thing, only needful for the physical replication of worldly creatures. For most Deists, their soul is the image of God, not their temporary mortal form with its need for sexual orientation to reproduce itself. To a Deist, you are on your own during this brief mortal sojourn, to exercise your free will, to care for yourself, to care for others, and to care for God. Or not, as may be your choice. If there is any hatred in that, it will be in the way you express your own choices. :wave: