Fed says no signs of inflation will print $7 trillion in next 24 months


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Here are some staggering statistics on the numbers on our economy.

1. Of the total amount of money ever printed by the US 40% of it was printed last year.
2. In 3 months last year the US increased it's deficit more than it did in the previous 5 recessions.
3. Under Jerome Powell the Fed bought more Treasury notes in 6 weeks than it did in the previous 10 years.
4. Agricultural commodity prices are up 40% since August.
5. The Commodities Research Bureau Index is up 75% since April.

But go back to sleep. The Fed assures us there is no sign whatsoever that there is any inflation.

Commodities are food products. At this level of the food industry bulk food prices are up only 40%. So what are food prices going to be when they hit the retail market where we all buy our food. Probably more than 60% higher food prices at the register after all the middle men take their share of profit in the food distribution chain. Ah, don't worry though. All you need to figure out how much your food bills will rise is multiple your average monthly food bill is to multiply it by at leas 1.6. For every $100 you now spend figure at least $160 a month. A current $500 a month food bill will only be $800 a month. No big deal. Right? That's not inflation. That's what we are being told. Government lie to us? Not a chance. They are the most honest people to ever live. Just ask anna, chair, eider, AB and the rest of the leftists here.

The Treasury notes are called bonds. The Fed buying them is called monetizing the debt. And the market for US debt is so bad the Federal reserve is buying the vast majority of them because the credit of the US government is so bad nobody else wants them. Nothing going wrong there. Hey, the US is the wealthiest nation in the world. Right?

The Fed says the reason prices are rising is because of so much optomism about the economy. Yeah. Right. We're only forecast being locked down for a couple of more years. If this great a rise in prices happened in only a single year, what is going to happen in a total of 3 years? Will food become less rare and prices drop? Oh, the principles of money will change and we'll become wealthier. Right? To read the rest of the news as to what is coming read the article below.