False resurrection and judgment theory only at end fosters crime.


When thieving Muslim children in our place are asked that why they don’t fear Allah’s judgment they answer, “That is far far away”. Hardened criminals also answer such. Actually judgment delayed is judgment denied. Christian and Muslim intellectuals become atheists due to this most unreasonable theory of ever eluding end-times’ impossible physical resurrection and judgment!!
Christians and Muslims got it from Jews who had no notion of it before Persian liberation of them from Babylon. After that it entered into Jew’s books from Persians. The term Pharisee is derived from Persia. Though gospel supports it in some places, it was not written by Christ. Apostles wrote only a few parts as research proves. Rather Christ contradicted it in gospel in jn3-18;5-24,25;6-47;11-26 and other places.
Ignorant Persians had no idea of the beginning and end of the world and psychology. So they said that during the human species’ existence the stars will fall like figs on earth and firmament will burn away! Then all the dead will rise with their material body and face judgment of God by the record of all their deeds written in a big book!
We Indians have no such ludicrous theory. Rather we know from spiritual experiences and exorcism that after body death soul lives and immediately works and suffers for its sins.

Persian god is not father but Christ’s God is. Father can’t judge his created children as that reverts back to Him indicting him as an incompetent creator. To say that Father judges children and throw majority to eternal torment is a heinous blasphemy. In fact it is devil like and it has appealed most to Devil’s brood (Mt23-33) humanity, especially those who have the audacity to call themselves Christian while in fact they are devil like cruel. Actually we make glittering hell with our adopted father devil and go there to be trapped.

Our actions’ effects on our souls are automatic and instantaneous. Love actions integrate our soul parts empowering it and vice versa as love’s nature is unifying. Pride derived passions if exercised; destroy internal and external bonding love. Then we become disintegrated within and away from others and God, though passions give some fickle false energy disguising it. That makes us weak and suffering eventually. These automatic and immediate effects our fallible mind may not see immediately, but it is sure to be noticed by outsiders in time.
Hate-Hell certainly is here and in spiritual domain. We make it with devil and go there. Creed says that God made only heaven and earth. Then why He shall send of His beloved children there which He has not made! He rather sent Christ to teach us not to make hate-pride-hell but create heaven by humbly loving enemy and tuning other cheek etc.
But alas! All the people audaciously claiming to belong to Christ actually belong to devil as their hell-wishing vengeance proves.
This false resurrection and judgment theory at end times encourages crime and atheism as being most unreasonable and postponed to almost eternity.