Ezekiel 44:15-31 and Luke 5:1-6:49


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EZEKIEL 44:15-31

In this prophetic book, the Prophet sees into the future, the future priests of the third temple, (to be built in the near future) the descendants of “Zadok” will be the priests in the millennium, the same high standards are for these priests as well. It also states the job of the priest: “And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean” This should also be the goal of every Torah teacher, rabbi, minister, pastor, etc. to teach the WHOLE TORAH in their place of worship and study so that their sheep might follow their shepherd wholeheartedly and secure.

LUKE 5:1-6:49

Yeshua speaks to the people, from a boat. After teaching, He and Kefa go out a way out on the lake and the result is a boat-load of fish. Kefa hears, yet protests, “We fished all night and caught nothing” yet still obeys and “reaps the harvest” many fish, to take home to sell and eat.

In the other incident when Yeshua caused his talmidim to catch a boatload of fish, the number of fish caught summed “153.” Why is this number recorded? Is it significant? Perhaps Yeshua is making a statement through the fish caught. The statement in Hebrew “Ani Elohim” ( I AM Elohim) sums “153” in gematria (using the “vav” in “Elohim”)

With simple obedience through faith, we can all reap the blessings that YHVH has in store for us. A little bit of faith, trust, and obedience, will bring in a big catch. Now, Kefa is promoted to be a “fisher-of-MEN” rescuing men’s souls from the grasp of HaSatan and bringing them into the Kingdom. Are you a fisher of men (and women) or are you still content with the small “fishy” things of life? You decide!

Yeshua also, after the blessing of many fish, healed three people; one who had “Tzara ’at” (some sort of skin disease) a person who was paralyzed, and a person who was “worldly-minded.” To the first He said; “be cleansed” To the second one He said; “Your sins are forgiven you” To the third, (Who was Matthew) He just said; “Follow me!”

In all three cases, we have changed lives. When our sins are forgiven us, through repentance and accepting Yeshua as Messiah and LORD, we are “cleansed” (internally) and even at times, physically. And then, we “follow Him” which should be the logical reaction.

“I have not called the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Luke 5:32) We must understand that everyone who is “righteous” (in right standing) similar to “Kadosh” was at one time “a sinner” (living a lifestyle of sin and rebellion). So, it is a change for the better, from a lost sinner to a “righteous” one who has been “born again.” The lost sinner needs to be instructed by the Torah unto righteousness, and the righteous need to be instructed by the Torah to “stay guided in the Path of Righteousness”

What is the healing that God offers? It is the healing of our soul, from being lost without hope, to being saved, secure, forever. From sadness to gladness, from grief and despair to joy and happiness

He even heals our physical bodies at times. The words “Save me and I shall be saved” in Hebrew, contain the letters that spell out “Yeshuah” (Salvation is from YAH) The word “my praise” in Hebrew is “Tehilati” if we look at the paleo-Hebrew symbolic meanings of those letters we can understand this word as “behold the covenant of instruction and of the hand.” The Instruction being the Torah itself and the “hand” of course the “Hand of God” who stretched out the same on Calvary’s Cross to redeem us all from the curse of sin.


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