Evil? What is it and Who Promotes It?


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Unfortunately I was able to see Arthur's posts before I logged in. Fortunately it allows me to shine a light on his pathetically sorry reasoning.

I said, "I would love for this person to name one evil "policy" that Trump tried to make into law."

Did the Brain reply with a policy? Nope. He cannot.

Instead he replied with some nebulous nonsense about "pandering" to homosexuals.

Did Jesus "pander" to sinners? Let us remember, when the Pharisees tried to rebuke Jesus for dining with sinners, Jesus replied, "I did not come for the righteous, I cam for sinners."

So Trump tried to show gays the correct path. Well, good for him.

And a shout out to Arthur Brain for confirming what everyone here says about him, that he is a moron.
Trump was hardly against gay marriage or homosexual rights whatsoever "Jasmine". You're the one who made such a big deal of that in your OP...

You seem to have great difficulty answering a simple question. That is usually the hallmark of a pathological liar. But I will give you a third opportunity.

Name one POLICY of Trump's that is evil:: Not a faux pandering, not a fuzzy "hardly against", but an actual POLICY. Name one evil policy of Trump's. I named THREE evil policies of the democrats in the first post. It is not hard to do, if any exist.