Even mainstream media now admits Biden is incompetent for the job


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Democrats stupidly stole the election for a guy most Americans knew was not up to the job, and now democrats are having to face the harsh reality again that they have not been representing the interests of the majority of the American people or the safety and security of the American nation.

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd admitted Sunday that President Joe Biden has a major "credibility crisis" on his hands after a series of strategic blunders and undelivered promises.

What is the background?

Over the last month, Biden has faced a series of unforced errors.

On top of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden's administration approved a drone strike that killed civilians in Kabul, Biden lost his COVID-19 booster shot campaign, and France is extremely upset with the U.S. because of a deal Biden made with Britain and Australia. This, of course, on top of the ongoing border crisis.