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Originally posted by Lucky8
"God hate America???"

God hates sin. American History 101 - from what I have read, most americans, at the genesis of america, were predominately Protestant, bible-reading, prayer-reciting, Christians. Now I know there are plenty of people who want to slit my throat for saying such "hate speech" or whatever fiddle-faddle reasons they come up with, but sobeit. So have descendents of those first americans turned their back on the faith of their fathers? I don't know! America has open doors for pagans and heathens and even worse, liberals to migrate to America. The point is, demographically, America is not the same as it was in the beginning. Religiously, the american population is not predominately Protestant, bible-reading, prayer-reciting, Christians anymore. But from a macro-perspective, generalized-viewpoint, america has gone from a God-fearing people to a non-God-fearing people. What do we "fear" now? Terrorists? I don't know. But anyways, I think it can be said that God might be just a little insulted that a nation so blessed by Him is now like Sodom and Gomorrah. After all, he is a jeolous God.
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