Dumb democrat solution to rising crime rates


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The new leftist democrat NY prosecutor has announced he will no longer prosecute some crimes and will no longer support long sentences for murder. What a moron.

But in real life, the new district attorney, progressive Democrat Alvin Bragg Jr., is accused of abandoning law and bringing disorder to the halls of justice in his third day on the job.

In a stunning reversal of traditional law enforcement procedures, Bragg sent a memo stressing "diversion and alternatives to incarceration," in pursuing prosecutions ... by not sending criminals to jail. The no-jail time exceptions are murder, a crime that involves someone's death, or a felony. And several serious crimes, like armed robbery, are being reduced to misdemeanors, which could mean dangerous thugs will end up back on the streets without seeing the inside of a jail cell.

And even if you murder someone, Bragg says his office will limit sentences to 20 years. He is refusing to seek the state-mandated "life without parole" for murderers, which would include terrorists, cop killers and even serial killers.


ok doser

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Coming to you from somewhat farther South and West than the Great Expire State....

We have an instructional graphic from the Philly Police Dept.

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Remember boys & girls...Be sure to inform the CarJacker that your child is in the car.

* The Supreme Court Has repeatedly ruled the Police have no duty to protect you.
Safety tip: bait and shoot carjackers with a Mercedes-Benz and a 12 gauge shotgun. Leave their bodies in the roadway as a warning.