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There's a new 'Pawn' the far-left is using to be a spokesman for anti-gun rhetoric and if the left gets their way in the future; eventual gun confiscation, nationwide. He's a 17-year-old teenager named David Hogg. I hear his Mother has an affiliation with CNN and his Father is connected to the FBI. That could actually make for a fairly nice 'conspiracy theory,' don't ya think? This 'kid' attended the school where that insane fella murdered a number of students, etc. This teenager and three of his 'cohort fellow students' are taking a stand against the NRA, Marco Rubio and gun owners in general. And of course, they're not to crazy about our President. I viewed one of this 'kids' speeches where he attempted to sound like either a 'sawed-off Shakespearean Thespian' or pint-sized would be Dictator. (Early Hitler comes to mind for some odd reason) In fact, at the end of his 'speech' he gave a rather impressive 'faux Nazi salute.' I almost expected the crowd to raise their combined voices and scream out; "Heil Hogg."

No doubt, there are a number of 'adult far-leftists' grooming this teenager, helping him to write his speeches, and coaxing him behind the scenes. He's a very articulate 'kid,' however we must consider that the human mind doesn't become fully developed until 25-years-old. Therefore, this 'kid' is very immature, emotionally and intellectually at this point in his life. He may not realize this, but he's being taken advantage of. The way things go today, he'll most likely only get 7 1/2 minutes of his 15 minutes of fame. That's because the far-left moves from one tactic to another at fast speed. So, he'll be discarded when 'something better comes along.' The far-left agenda will not merely stop at stronger gun legislation and banning certain weapons and other paraphernalia, there eventual goal is for complete 'gun confiscation.' Anybody denying this is being naive and completely gullible.

What people forget is the fact that, without guns we would not be a nation today. Guns are what freed us from the tyranny of 'Old King George' and Great Britain. The second Amendment was set up to protect the citizenry from any and all future tyrannical administrations that may take control of the people. At least, if that were to happen the people would have a fighting chance in order to survive. Today, people if they so desire, may purchase a gun to protect themselves from criminal behaviour and for hunting purposes. If and when gun confiscation were to take place, only criminals would have access to weaponry. Citizens would become 'proverbial sitting Ducks' if confiscation were to become the law of the land.


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