Documentary Hypothesis Refuted by Cassuto, and here on RSR by Dr. Peter Gentry


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Documentary Hypothesis Refuted by Cassuto, and here on RSR by Dr. Peter Gentry
This is the show from Tuesday, March 24th, 2020


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Tim Mahoney's film series Patterns of Evidence presented the Documentary Hypothesis attack on Moses as the author of Genesis and the whole Torah. An intriguing screen moment was when Prof. Peter Gentry recounts asking his own professor about a book by preeminent academic Umberto Cassuto called The Documentary Hypothesis. His professor responds, "We don’t read things like that here." Really? This little book presents lectures delivered at Jerusalem's Hebrew University by Dr. Cassuto, holding professorships at the University of Florence and the University of Rome until the Italian fascists enacted their anti-Semitic laws when he had to leave and went to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Gentry, who studied language and Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, Jerusalem University College, and earned his degrees from the University of Toronto, talks Bob Enyart through Cassuto's powerful arguments against the Documentary Hypothesis affirming the integrity of the authorship of the Pentateuch. See this also at

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