Did Christ, do Christians?

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1 Corinthians 11:1 KJV – “Be ye followers of me, even / that is, as I also am of Christ”. ---- Who shall we follow, Paul or Christ? – The Dispensationalists say, follow Paul’s teachings of the Gospel. ---- Acts 2:38 KJV --- is not Paul’s teachings of the Gospel, but Peter’s, --- Gospel? – It seems as though the Dispensationalists have it as wrong as do the rest of the faithless teachers of false gospels. --- Paul’s, Peter’s, Isaiah’s, King David’s, or Jesus Christ’s Gospel; whose Gospel is it?
John 14:26 KJV – “The Comforter , which is the Holy Ghost, whom the FATHER WILL SEND IN MY NAME, HE SHALL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS, and bring all things to your remembrance, WHATSOEVER ( I HAVE SAID UNTO YOU )”. --- & --- John 16:15 KJV ---- Howbeit when he, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, IS COME, HE WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but WHATSOEVER HE SHALL HEAR, THAT SHALL HE SPEAK: AND HE WILL SHEW YOU THINGS TO COME. 14- He shall glorify me: for he SHALL RECEIVE OF MINE, AND SHALL SHEW IT UNTO YOU. 15- All things that the Father hath are mine: ( THEREFORE SAID I, THAT HE SHALL TAKE OF MINE, AND SHALL SHEW IT UNTO YOU )”.

Does that sound just a little bit like Jesus Christ was going to INSPIRE ALL the Apostles by the Holy Ghost? – What is the Gift of the Holy Ghost, if not the GOSPEL / BAPTISM?
What does your god teach? - Something quite the opposite of that. That’s what the Holy Ghost inspired John to write in his Gospel. - NNnnnooooo! – Where’s Paul? – How do any of you know when Paul, John, or anyone, wrote their INSPIRED Gospels or Epistles? – None of you hypocrites do. All anyone knows is that the Scriptures got written by way of inspiration of the WORD OF GOD, THEN AND NOW. – The Old and the New Testaments were both written by inspiration of the Word of God / Jesus Christ. If all things were created by him, all things surely can be revealed by Him! – Don’t believe ME!, Who am I? – You know not who I am, and I know ye not.

You open your mouths and speak your god’s words, and I open my mouth and speak from the heart Jesus Christ / the Word of God.

Most of you, or all of you seem to think that Paul was sent to a people other than the Lost sheep of Israel. Paul was most certainly not! – The People Paul was sent to preach the Gospel to were the very same people of those that were present when Peter PREACHED THE GOSPEL to the 120 out of every nation under HEAVEN. Paul was sent to deliver the Gospel to the Israelite Gentles, in the Gentile nations. - However, Paul preached the Gospel to who ever would listen to him. ---- NOW LISTEN, LISTEN NOW! ---- “Paul” - 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 KJV – “I have planted, Apollos watered; BUT GOD GAVE THE INCREASE . 7- So THEN NEITHER IS HE THAT PLANTETH ANY THING, NEITHER HE THAT WATERETH; BUT GOD THAT GIVETH THE INCREASE”. ----- I don’t want to take the false doctrine from the Dispensationalists, let them stay dead in it, however, the point is to pull the lost out of HELL. – Jude 1:23 KJV ----- OOOOoooooPpppppsssss, I did it again. – I revealed some secret things of God to the lost! – AAhhhh, they can’t believe them.

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