Democrats sue to stop investigators from proving they did not commit voter fraud


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What are democrats afraid of, that the truth will come out? Obviously. Why else would anyone want to stop an investigation intended to expose the truth and refute the lies? Pennsylvania lawmakers have moved to conduct an investigation into the 2020 election. Democrats insist no fraud took place and they are incensed that the people in Pennsylvania will not simply take their word on that instead of wanting proof.

  • WASHINGTON, D.C. — Friday night, Democrat state senators in Pennsylvania sued their Republican counterparts in state court in order to stop an expansive subpoena request issued as part of an investigation of the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania — which President Joe Biden won by more than 80,000 votes — was the center of many post-election lawsuits filed by Donald Trump and his contemporaries. Trump’s “Big Lie” asserting widespread election fraud and his many lawsuits contesting the validity of election results were found to have no merit in both the key swing state and across the country.