Deep State and Kooks in Charge


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The Deep State is clearly obvious: those who oppose the President just because he doesn't play politics. He can't be bought and doesn't give in to the press or to the left, unless their criticisms make sense. Sadly, most of them don't. There are kooks in charge of the 'party line' and their rants seem to be all that makes the headlines any more. The nut-case AOC having her ridiculous Green No Deal voted on was such a farce that no one even voted for it. Who didn't see that coming?

Today's media is liberal and driving our country into madness. It started in Hollywood but now recent stories read more like fiction than even fiction novels of today. It's amazing how many opinion authors there are that have no morals or who are despicable in their rants and it seems to get worse every day. I remember studying Journalism in high school and being drilled on stating only facts and clearly giving every source in each article. Today so-called journalists rarely do either. News has become nearly worthless for getting information. Sadly, social-media is picking up the slack and becoming more important and more popular than the media giants. Who could have imagined that? Big Brother has been replaced by our own small groups of friends just telling it like it is, without all the hype.