ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond
I got that motto off the jacket of a gold digging foreigner who is married the thrice-married Founder of COVID-19. AKA .. Former Guy.
If you're intrested in discussing Cuomo or Whitmer you're welcome to stay, otherwise please stop posting in my thread.

ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond
"I am not part of the political club" ?????


Mr Touchy-feely

Just like Joe the Rapist

Now he's at risk of being a registered sex offender 😂🤣

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All he does anymore is post youtube videos anyway, so best thing to do is post on a thread where the threadmaker won't try to get you blocked. His threads can all die on the vine for all they're worth. :)
That rich coming from you who hasn't posted an original thought in your life.

All threads die.