Crisis On The Border, Thanks Joe! (you filthy rapist)


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I didn't know that Maria Bartiromo did this kind of thing:
Maria Bartiromo: ‘I Went Undercover’ To Get Inside A Migrant Facility

Leftist democrats created this humanitarian crisis for political gain and branded Trump a racist for supporting immigration laws passed by lawmakers with majority American support. Democrats are evil for that and something needs to be done to stop this tragic crisis before greater damage is done to the whole country.


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Wow - even CBS recognizes it's a crisis

Thanks Joe, you filthy rapist!
Syncopathic Biden official: "After Biden came to office he closed the border which was opened under Trump."

Ironically, there are millions of gullible rubes in America who believe lying democrat nonsense no matter how clearly false because democrat cultists do not have minds of their own and cannot process truth and facts like normal people.

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I heard a great report once about the exact time the Democrat party flipped their policy on illegal aliens. I wish I could find that report. Sometime between Clinton and Obama the Democrat hierarchy realized they were losing their constituency, the working class, due to extremist gay marriage and transgender positions. Joe Lunchbox Sixpack was not liking that stuff. So on a dime, the Democrats decided to welcome illegal aliens as a new voter source.