Christian Minority:

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Christian is and has always been the "Minority" of All "groups" /// churches of People - of any and every kind.

Prove That wrong!!

This place is a - "Majority Rules" /// "Democracy" of anything called "religion", and rules As a - "Majority", or (( "Democracy" )), not Christian!! - IF one defines Christian in this way, Christian is ( "AS" ) A "Republic", but Christian is still, and ONLY - "Christian" and nothing else!!

Any of you guys who get Banned a lot are AS a "Republic" not a ((( Ruling Majority Democracy ))) as this Religious Place IS!!

Squeaky and meshak and - myself, and a few others such as "Caino", who are NOT A Part of this - "Majority" - are banned - somewhat for Just saying what They Believe; - and Treated by this - "Democracy" type religion as all Democracies "Rule" as the Majority OVER The ""MINORITY"" - ((( By the Majority Democratic RELIGION!!! )))!!!

Here IF One Is in the - "Majority", he is The - "LOVED" BY All the rest of the - "Majority" // "Democracy Type Religion"; - and the "Meaningless Few" are Condemned for not Being as THEY ARE!!

Justice here is - "GREAT" - and "WILL" Prevail By the righteous in Spite of any FOOL!!!

Words Mean things!!!!

Paul -- 011915
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