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(( Character'istic // Character'-Stat'istic )).
ALL Groups of People // churches calling Themselves Christians have THEIR OWN "Characters" with their own "Stat'istic"!!!

The Catholics have their own "Character" with His "Statistics // Likeness"!!! So do the Mormons, Baptists, the JWs, the Presbyterian, the Pentecostals, AND the "Islamic State"; AND SO DOES --- ((( "TOL" )))!!!!! - They All Describe Themselves by THEIR ~"god", with their Own Mind; - NOT THE WORD OF GOD, the Mind of GOD!!!!

The True "CHUECH" ////// The "BODY OF CHRIST" is THE WORD OF GOD WRITTEN, and Nothing ELSE!!!!!! - (( READ IT ))!!!!! // "HEAR ye HIM"!!!!

NOW, - ( PROVE THIS WRONG!!! )!!!!!
You can't and YOU Don't CARE TOO!!; you all don't CARE if - or that you Are Wrong. - IT'S JUST A GAME to you all anyhow!!!

You ALL Have your own ~false ~god, to defend with your own "~words" and nothing ELSE!! - AND all the Women have THEIRS!!!! -- You ALL are DIVIDED from each Other AND CHTIST /// GOD!!!! --- (((( AND You All Call Yourselves //// "YOURSELVES Christians"; But CHRIST DON'T ))))!!!!

Defend Yourselves and YOUR ~god!!! -- NOOO!! - You CAN'T!!
Why did Christ Command His People to (( "Put on the Whole Armor of GOD" ))!!! - AND!!! - (( "Take Up the Sword of the Spirit"; THE Word of GOD ))!!! - WHYYYY!!!!!! -- To Play Games With!!!! -- ((((( NOOOO )))))!! - TO Defend HIM and Yourself With, From those Against YOU, IN the Word of God - (( LIKE MEEEEE ))!!!!! But None of You CAN, and Don't Care TOO, ((( Because You All KNOW You're WRONG ))), and Don't CARE!!!!!

PAUL, DAVID -- 021015!!!!
Not open for further replies.