By body-charm slavery we drown the guilt of heaven-betrayal.

Tom was a treasurer of a company in Delhi, the capital of India. He had earned this post by his previous trustworthy behavior among all. But he was not careful about friends. A bad friend inspired him to embezzle funds. It increased so much that he fled with the whole fund creating havoc in that company.

Far away hiding, he tried to drown his remorse by drinking and sex. It suppressed the pain somehow but broke apart his family and body. All his ill-gotten fund gone, down to the roads, drunk and sick he contemplated suicide.

Later he came in my contact through his in-laws. I told him that we likewise fled from heaven after breaking the trust. So we try to drown remorse in infatuation and addictions of this world after falling to it. Though giving a temporary euphoria and respite, these enslave and destroy ultimately.

But Father has sent Christ to reunite us to Him and heaven. If we repent and turn to Him in action, then we can get out of this sickening slavery-infatuation to rotten body and materials.

So he repented somehow and was healed to the degree of repentance. Family was reunited and he got a steady work. But he didn’t try to atone for the harm he did to Delhi Company. So his drink addiction caught him again. So I told him to continue atonement to be healed further.

We can’t escape from our chosen stupid slavery to perishing material objects, unless allowed and empowered by Christ. When we follow him to cross where he really is, not on the throne, we are gradually liberated from its almost inescapable chains through the cross-pain. Then we can create heaven here and go up there.

Many people are coming to Christ through me, but heavily burdened I feel myself inadequate to pastor all of them. Alas! The nominal troubled churches and sick pastors here are very bad examples. Very little of Christ they preach, but much infighting and violent Old testament Jew religion. So I don’t like to tell them to go there, as some sent there by me are already lost. So I refuse to baptize people seeking it. But many are backsliding due to it.

Please pray that Christ shows me a way.

Totton Linnet

New member
The way is the one you reject....substitution, you seem to be teaching people to the point of salvation [this is good, God bless you Stephego] but then you set them to having to save themselves....that's a bit of a holy con.

Once we lay down our lives at the cross and Christ graciously imparts His own divine lives to us He DWELLS IN US by the Holy Spirit.

The trick of discipleship is now to allow Him to fully live out HIS life through us, this is not so easy as it sounds for we have to teach ourselves His thoughts, His ways.

Seperate two things clear and distinct. 1st salvation.
That is WHOLLY done for us once and for ever at the cross. 2nd. discipleship
it should follow on but it is something the individual must decide, as God Himself leads them.

If you try to force discipleship you are taking the place of the Holy Spirit in their lives. All we can do is teach and encourage and pray and help along. But ye cain't drive sheep Stephengo you have to feed them and lead them.

Discipleship is God's business not yours [except your own discipleship] if you force it then people are YOUR disciples not Christ's.