"books that didn't make it into the Bible"


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I doubt I am the only one who thinks it utterly ridiculous when Bible-hating people whine about the fact that this or that book, or these or those books they happen to like better than the Bible are not books of the Bible. And that's approximately how I often see it phrased: "didn't make it into the Bible".

At the moment, I don't have much to say regarding such vulgar silliness, except I'd like to mention that complaining because such and such extra-Biblical writing is not part of the Bible seems to be kind of on the same order of stupidity as it would be to complain about the fact that some Los Angeles phone numbers "didn't make it into" an NYC telephone directory, or about the fact that Edgar Allen Poe's The Gold Bug "was not included in" an anthology of Mark Twain's short stories. Also, if people want to think that stupidly, I can't understand what's stopping them from just going ahead and calling whatever collection of documents they'd like to, "the Bible". What benefit do they expect to get out of sitting there griping about the fact that the Bible is the Bible, and that their beloved, extra-Biblical books are not the Bible? Yeah, we get it: The Legend of Harry Potter and the Secret Magic Ghost Peppers didn't make it into the Bible. So what? 1) Why do you imagine it ought to have? 2) Deal with it.

I just figured I'd post these thoughts out of a bit curiosity as to what others on TOL might have to say regarding that sort of popular attempt to bring Scripture into ill(er) favor with pagans. Plus, I hadn't yet written much on TOL in this cool-looking typeface.