Bob Asks Bob Cornuke If He Found Noah's Ark

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Bob Asks Bob Cornuke If He Found Noah's Ark

Thursday July 13th, 2006. This is show #139.

* Noah's Ark: As ABC News reported recently, a Christian expedition led by BASE Institute's Bob Cornuke claims it may have discovered what looks like the possible remains of Noah's Ark. Photos show apparent beams of petrified wood 13,120 feet above sea level. Bob Cornuke has experts evaluating the find. KGOV will bring you updates as available, including an upcoming interview with satellite imagery expert, Dr. Ed Holroyd, who found this site in the Elburz mountain range of northern Iran!
* Feminist Lie: Bob agreed with the concern Quinn from Indiana has for a friend of his who might be buying into the feminist lie that a woman will only be happy if she has a diploma or a career.
* Barbie-Doll Influence: Bob gave suggestions to Lindsay from Indiana whose parents are a negative influence on her young kids.
Today's Resource: You'll LOVE Bob Cornuke's video, Mountain of Fire: The Search for the True Mount Sinai! You JUST HAVE TO SEE IT! Really! Not only will you support BEL by ordering this, but you'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT (or your money back)!


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I just listened to this show, and it was really quite interesting. Bob Cornuke is a fascinating man, and really deserves respect for raising questions about the discovery without prematurely proclaiming that he has found the ark. The pictures on his web site are extraordinary, I look forward to hearing more about the technical analyses when they come back.

The call from Quinn was very good, Bob raised some very interesting points about the consequences of feminism.

I also thought the call from Lindsay was wonderful, but I might be a little bit biased on that one. I know Lindsay personally and recognized her voice, but I had no idea she listened to Enyart. I look forward to my next conversation with her. :)

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I really don't think that is the remains of the Ark.

I am going to pull quotes from him at his site and refute things. I am not suggesting that the Ark is buried in the Ice on Ararat either.

Ararat refers to a Region of Mountains, Not one Mountain

I, as well as many others in the modern era, have searched Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey for the remains of Noah's Ark. It pains me to admit this, but I think I've spent a lot of time and money looking in the wrong place. A careful reading of Genesis will reveal why. Genesis 8:4 states, “then the ark rested in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month on the mountains of Ararat.” (NKJV)

The mountains of Ararat signify a mountainous region or kingdom. This verse does not refer to a singular mountain named Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat, as such, does not appear in the Bible.
The name of the mountain in Turkey is not Ararat. That is a bastardized name after the fact becuase of the eyewitness testimony. The Bible states it landed in the mountains of Uratatu or Ararat. And becuase so many claim it to be there, westerners call it Ararat after the fact. It is called Masis in Armenian, or Agri Dagh in Turkish.

So how did Mount Ararat get its name and therefore the attention? Many of earliest translations of the Bible, done in the centuries just before and after the beginning of the Christian era, render the term "Ararat" as "Armenia." Consequently, readers of Genesis probably understood the word "Ararat" in terms of the geography of their day rather than that of the Genesis narrator.
That just doesn't sound right now knowing that Ararat isn't the name of the mountain, but Masis is.

This verse indicates that other mountain peaks became visible subsequent to the ark of Noah landing on the mountains of Ararat. In the Elborz Mountains of Northwestern Iran, there are fifteen peaks over 14,000 feet. Conversely, Mount Ararat virtually stands alone in Eastern Turkey. The Elborz Mountains seem to line up better with this verse than Mount Ararat.
Many mountains are visible from the peak of Masis. That just isn't accurate.

The Bible says that the survivors of the flood journeyed "from the east" and subsequently settled in "Shinar" (a region generally known as Babylon)

That was some time after the flood. Like 150 years after. Or 160, depending on whose book you are reading.

Our team found the object believed to be the Ed Davis object perched on a ridge at 13,120 feet. The team also found the same worship shrine as British explored A.H. Mc Mahan described in 1894. The shrine and wood fragments were located at the 15,000 foot elevation and some samples were taken for analysis.
Funny. Ed Davis is constantly cited by him in other interviews also. Ed Davis claimed it to be stuck in a ravine or gorge, where you would have to rappel in to see it. It is always covered in fog from the weather on the mountain. Yet the author walks right up to this formation in broad daylight, in direct contradiction to the testimony he trumpets. And the Ed Davis sighting was of two objects in that gorge with water running between them. This isn't it.

It is hard for me to take him seriously.
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