Biden lied when he promised to get tough on Russia


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In spite of the leftist condemnation of Trump's diplomacy of Russia. the left cannot seem to generate criticism of Biden for being softer on Russia than they claim Trump was.

A bipartisan push on Capitol Hill to force the White House to expel hundreds of Russian diplomats has backed President Biden into a corner, fueling doubts about his promise to get tough on the Kremlin and raising questions about whether the U.S. has squandered leverage to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lawmakers are pressing Mr. Biden to retaliate diplomatically after Russia virtually banned the U.S. Embassy in Moscow from hiring Russian and third-country employees, forcing the American outpost to let go of more than 180 staffers. The unusually aggressive step underscored how far relations between the Cold War adversaries have fallen.

The administration’s lack of a strong response has given fresh fuel to critics who say Mr. Biden hasn’t kept his campaign promise to crack down on Mr. Putin and dissuade Moscow from needling the U.S. whenever and wherever possible. Democrats in the 2020 campaign sharply criticized President Trump for what they said were repeated failures to hold Mr. Putin to account.