Be saved from body death-trap by love-heaven aspiration.


I remember two of my atheist colleagues in our polytechnic. Highly educated they were practically atheists. When some questioned that how they shall cope with old age without faith in God, they answered that they shall shoot or poison themselves. Almost all the atheist answers so.
One of them, a head of the department in the teaching faculty, was estranged from his family. After retirement alone he became sick. As there was no one to care for him, a few concerned ex-students admitted him to a government hospital. He died there. Those ex-students learning of that contacted his wife and only daughter. But they refused to do anything with his body. So the students themselves had to cremate the corpse.

Other colleague lived with his family. But both he and his wife got diabetes. Their kidneys failed. At last he hanged himself to escape pain and burden of his wife. Both of them were Hindus but similar things happen with Muslims and Christians too. Of course this body will become painfully rotting in the end for everyone, saints or sinners alike. But those who have become ready for love-heaven will leave this body in peace and grace. But those who aren’t will either cling to it pathetically or destroy it. Unworthy of heaven they suffer terrible agony after death in the forlorn outer darkness as we hear from them when we exorcise them out. So this body will be a death trap for them.

But Heavenly Father has showed the way by Christ how to be worthy of love-heaven. Then we get release from this body profitably. But the problem of our anti-love tendency hinders that. Why? We have fled by insurrection into this world from an old pride-infected paradise (Revelations12-7,12 and Indian Puran). Paradises are bigger than earth as stars are. Like stars they are created by the drawing together power of Love-God from spiritual entities as stars are created from materials. But when old, pride-selfishness enters and they began to disintegrate by in-fight. Pride destroys integrating love. As love becomes less we become divided within self and with others. Peace is lost as in-fight between passions starts within too. So being pride-infected we started in fight in our soul originating paradise for futile power disdaining love. The same happens to worldly organizations too. That in-fight drove us out of the infected paradise. Guided by destiny we fell towards earth.

Now frantic for something to hold on to save our personality from disintegrating, down-and-out we began to worship human body and earth. We became strongly infatuated them as love is possible only between souled beings. So we entered into a zygote and were born as babies. But many couldn’t succeed as they were rejected due to worse degradation. Here Destiny gives us a chance to repent and reform as jails are meant for. But as in jails only a few reform, so also here only a few reforms.

To guide us to that reformation Christ came here from Heavenly Father who presides over all the paradises, as UNO presides over states. Christ is the unity of those repenting-resisting the pride infection of the sick paradises. They are rejected by the degenerating paradise as Christ and saints are rejected here too. They create new paradise by humble self-sacrificing love by drawing together repentant humble sinners. When I realized my sins and repented, Christ drew me to him. I am journeying back to love-Heaven like the prodigal son.

But I had to go through many blind lanes and alleys made by the world-compromising churches. First I walked through the lane of the catholic church and progressed to some length, but soon had to change from dead ends. I saw that love-works is a must. Without that, faith profession by rituals and creeds is a lie. Later I hobbled through bible based protestant ways. Pentecostal churches seemed best to me. But my life-long Muslim mission struggles together with internet fellowship soon guided me nearer and nearer to living Christ. Then bible’s opposition to Christ salvific enemy-love principles was revealed to me. In this Christ guided repentant me.

Now my old age has turned most profitable to me, while most lament for their useless old age. I know that my death-agony will be more profitable to me as it will be covered with divine love as Christ’s death agony was. From this creative life I will be drawn to the more creative new paradise which I shall be making in the unity of Christ together with my brothers and sisters there.