Ann Coulter: There is no campus rape crisis


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Under the new rules, they will be. I was just reading an article about how mothers of sons are afraid to send them to college due to this. Not exactly a small fear, to think some girl saying yes, and then saying she was too drunk, is going to put a promising young man on the path to prison and the sex offenders' registry.
Where? Which mothers are doing this? Post it so I can read it too, I'm interested to see what they have to say.

Shouldn't those mother be teaching their sons to remain ABSTINENT until marriage? What are they doing being caught up in such positions of compromise as to be accused of rape in the first place?

That being the case, how promising could these young men be?


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Coulter also said:

How about women or girls who have been raped, groped or molested by a someone they knew (very often the case in campus rapes) or by a family member and never said anything out of shame and the fear that no one would believe them?

And then:

Victim cool? Rape club?
Clearly there is an audience for this swill, because Ann Coulter is very popular on the right. They never bash her or say nary a mildly criticizing thing to nor about her.

These people are SICK! Utterly disgusting.


Of course. There is no such thing as rape ... they want it and just won't admit it.

There isn't a rape epidemic. :dizzy:

Women regretting being a slut in the morning is not rape (Matt. 15:19, 1 Co 5:9-11, 6:9, 18). Just one more hysteria :sozo2: from the Left (Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10). :Commie:


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You know, it wasn't until this thread that I realized you were NOT a female.

All this time I thought you were a female.

However, the words "if I were a female" kinda clued me in that you weren't.



I wonder if new campus rules will also apply to gay culture: Does a gay man need to get consent, and is a drunken gay man unable to give consent?

Why don't you just sit back and think about this one for a second...
Don't do this (Eph 5:12). :vomit: Protect your eye gate and ear gate (Col 3:2, Pr 4:23). Loving your neighbor means not causing him to projectile vomit (Ga 5:14).

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u libs never get tired of the name calling, do you?

well, we conservatives are defintely tired of YOU

as was shown in the last election

It was an appropriate epithet rather than 'name calling' considering what she spews or sewages out...

And considering you used to be called 'Coulter4president' it's no wonder you'd get so riled up over it...


George Will's column that ignited all this fuss

an excerpt:
Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate. And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.

Consider the supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. “sexual assault.” Herewith, a Philadelphia magazine report about Swarthmore College, where in 2013 a student “was in her room with a guy with whom she’d been hooking up for three months”:

“They’d now decided — mutually, she thought — just to be friends. When he ended up falling asleep on her bed, she changed into pajamas and climbed in next to him. Soon, he was putting his arm around her and taking off her clothes. ‘I basically said, “No, I don’t want to have sex with you.” And then he said, “OK, that’s fine” and stopped. . . . And then he started again a few minutes later, taking off my panties, taking off his boxers. I just kind of laid there and didn’t do anything — I had already said no. I was just tired and wanted to go to bed. I let him finish. I pulled my panties back on and went to sleep.’”

Six weeks later, the woman reported that she had been raped.