Adam Kokesh..Libertarian Held without charges for over 48 hours


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Just got this email from Angela Fischer


Today Adam was supposed to be arraigned. Instead he stood before a Justice of the Peace and was denied access to any paperwork regarding his charges. They have yet to provide anything in writing. Adam is being held in a government institution after being detained unlawfully with no idea what is happening next.

We have the internet, so we can see what they have charged him with as a result of this traffic stop. What a luxury it is to have information available.

Here is what Adam said after he saw the Justice of the Peace:

What has occurred to me in the last 24 hours was a gross miscarriage of justice.

I have not been presented with any paperwork regarding my arrest. The court formally denied my request to be provided with any filings in it’s possession."

I am beginning to think even local government officials think they are above the law.....