A look at Psalm 16:8-10


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"I always set ADONAI before me; with him at my right hand, I can never be moved; 9 so my heart is glad, my glory rejoices, and my body too rests in safety; 10 for you will not abandon me to Sheol, you will not let your HOLY One see corruption" (Psalm 16:8-10)

We see these words in the Psalms of David. Writing under the guidance of the Spirit of God, we might see two people represented here, yet one stands out.

David was guided by Adonai, as he was a man after "God's own heart". Yeshua also was guided by His Father in Heaven, who was and is always at the right hand of the Father.

David's heart was glad in his relationship with Adonai and he always rejoiced as he wrote the Psalms, yet some of the Psalms reflected his sorrows as well. Yeshua always rejoiced in the Father, yet also sorrowed at seeing many in Israel reject him as Messiah and Redeemer.

David also had the assurance that he would not remain in the Nether regions inside the earth. We know this place as "Sheol" or "Hades" (Greek).
During the time of David, and even before, the Nether regions were divided into two parts, one part a place of suffering and torment, and fire (as in the story of the rich man and Lazarus) and the other part "Paradise" or "Abraham's Boosem" David went there when he died as well as all the Old Testament saints, from righteous Abel up to the criminal on the cross beside Messiah Yeshua.

Yeshua/Jesus also went down into the depths of Sheol to preach to those in Paradise, probably to announce that HE was the one the prophets wrote about. David was also there and was overjoyed to see his Redeemer and Messiah whom he wrote about.

Yet verse 10 speaks of "YESHUA" whose body "DID NOT SEE CORRUPTION" It did not decay because, in three days, he rose from the dead, conquering sin and death. walked in his resurrection body, and ascended into Heaven. All bodies that are in the ground all decompose, and become "corrupted"
including the body of King David. Messiah Yeshua is the only one whose body "saw no corruption"

I have Lesson 4 under the title "FROM DRY BONES TO FILLED LUNGS; Lesson 4 of 16" which speaks of (Resurrection of King Messiah) if you care to view this lesson on the resurrection. Just go to YouTube and input that same title, and it will pop up. Thank you for your viewing support,