A look at 1 Kings 18:46-19:21; John 2:13-17; Luke 23


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I KINGS 18:46-19:21

In this study, we see the second example of “zeal” for Adonai. Israel was again, bowing down and worshipping Baal, and Eliyahu really had enough and decided to do something about it. He initiated a contest between YHVH and Baal. Whoever answers the prayers and brings down fire to devour the animal sacrifices, that “god” would be GOD, who the Israelites would worship from then on.

Of course, we know who won the contest. Yet as soon as Jezebel, the queen and wicked wife of King Ahab, heard this, and was told that Eliyahu had the 450 priests of Baal slain, she sent a “death threat” to Elihayu. Well, he ran all the way to Mt Horeb in Saudi Arabia, hundreds and hundreds of miles away. There he hid out for a while.

There are times when a “man of God” or a “woman of God” can pretty much tire out, become exhausted, and really need a rest. Eliyahu was no different. Adonai understood that. He allowed him to rest, he sent an angel to cook for him, and reassured him that there were 7000 Israelites that did not bow the knee to Baal! Elihayu’s mission wasn’t quite over yet, he still had a job to do before being taken up to Heaven in a chariot of fire. Now that was quite a hot exit!

When we serve the LORD, we work to the best of our anointed abilities, yet we need to know when to rest. Not quit mind you. Quitting and resting are two different things. Serving Adonai in ministry is a life calling, ending only at death! So, continue to serve YHVH, in this way we show our zeal.

JOHN 2:13-17

We read here the story of Yeshua in the Temple and how he drove out the money changers with a "homemade" whip. He displayed anger and overturned the tables of the money changers with the words; "My Father's House is a house of prayer, take these away, don't make this house and market place" in some translations it says "you have made it a den of thieves"

These money changers would exchange Roman Denarii and Greek Drachmas (coinage) into Jewish Shekels since they did not accept foreign coins since they displayed images (images of emperors and false gods). Then with the Jewish Shekels, the offerors would purchase animals to be used in sacrificial offerings, at times, the money changers would cheat these foreign proselytes and perhaps give them fewer Shekels than what the exchange market was set for. Thus, they became a "den of thieves".

Verse 17 states; "Then the disciples remembered what was written 'The Zeal of your house consumes me" with the reference to Psalm 69:9 which states the same but through the words of King David. He also was "zealous" for the House of the LORD. King David's voice echoed his own zeal and also, the zeal of Messiah Yeshua.

LUKE 23:1-24:53

We have seen in the above cases, “zeal” for YHVH, yet in this case, we see YESHUA himself who was the “lamb to the slaughter”. Remained silent in front of his accusers, before Pilatus and Herod. There is a time for a believer to protest, to speak out, and there is a time to remain silent. For this reason, Yeshua came into the world. Not to claim kingship then, yet the whole earth was his to rule. His mission was to teach Torah, heal the sick, and die for our sins. His "zeal" for the Father was to remain obedient all the way to the cross.

Yes, there were times when he got incensed and angry. there were times when he showed his power, yet on the final day of his earthly life, it was a time to be silent, yet a time to forgive his accusers, to accept the nails, and to say; “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do!’ “Aba, Sh’vook l’hoon la ge’ir yadeen mana av’deen” (Aramaic) and “It is finished” “ha m’shalam” (Aramaic) seem like the translation is saying “the peace’ (is restored)

Zeal can come in two forms, aggressive, and passive, we need to know when to use them.


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