53 year Quantas pilot resigns rather than get jabbed

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Surely he should be punished further for daring to disobey his employer's order to comply with forced injections of a substance he would rather not risk?
If he's been a pilot for 53 years, it sounds like it's high time for him to retire anyway.


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Are you suggesting that when somebody is nearing their twilight years they should no longer be trusted in a position of responsibility where their diminishing capabilities and poor judgement could put others in danger?

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Well, there are a few differences between Hood and Biden. Hood has always passed every physical and mental capacity test thrown at him by his employer. And he is capable of speaking extemporaneously for more than 20 minutes. None of which loony Joe can do.

Good to read, though, that UN says Biden is completely unfit to hold any office let alone the office of president. At last, one rational thought from a leftist/socialist.