40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism


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40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism

This is the show from Friday, June 21st, 2019


* Firsthand Report from Dr. Jerry Bergman
: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart gets an insiders view from a double-PhD 40-year veteran of the world of academia exposing the absurdities and anti-scientific biases of America's colleges and universities. So, even more than in the past, young people should consider alternatives to college, including for men, a trade or apprenticeship, and for women, marriage, and pregnancy (in that order, and, just to be clear, that last suggestion comes from Enyart. :)

* RSR Bergman Interviews and Shows Using His Research:
- Bergman on Bats and Bellybuttons
- Jerry Bergman on Slaughter of the Dissidents
- Slaughter of the Dissidents Author Slaughtered
- RSR's List of Whale Evolution Problems (with Bergman research)
- The Origin of Fish by Jerry Bergman
- Bergman's "Vestigial" Organs Are Fully Functional
- Darwinism: The universal acid
- How Darwinism Corrodes Morality & Pt. 2
- Human Chromosome 2 Is Not Two Fused Chimp Chromosomes
- Origin of Human Language (and Part 2)
- Hitler and the NAZI Darwinian Worldview
- The Origin of Trees by Jerry Bergman and Tom Hennigan
- Evolutionary Naturalism is an ancient idea (and co-discoverer of Natural Selection)
- RSR's Problems with the Eye Evolution Story (with Bergman research)
- RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
- C.S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinis
- Poor Design: An invalid argument against Intelligent Design
- Useless Organs: The rise and fall of a central claim of evolution
- Bergman on Eisenhower: WWII was Creation vs. Evolution
- 40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism (this show)

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* Courage in Crosswords: A Real Science Radio listener from Indiana sent in a screenshot of his New York Times crossword puzzle app...

"If the government were
actually reading my emails,
I'd have hope
for this country."
-Bob Enyart, rsr.org

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